Daniel Spindelbauer

iOS Engineer

Experienced in iOS tooling, UI, and product development

Not available for hire


  • Software Engineer, iOS - Twitter

  • 2021 October - Present


  • iOS Engineer - Sphere Knowledge (Acquired by Twitter)

  • 2021 September - 2021 October

    During my time at Sphere, I have helped the mobile team prepare a sample app that showcases how Sphere is using AppCore. AppCore is our Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile framework that allows us to have a shared codebase between iOS and Android projects.

  • iOS Engineer - Chip

  • 2020 December - 2021 August

    I have spent my first couple months on improving the projects’s tooling, which involved refactoring the CI configuration to reduce build times and make them more efficient. I have also added release automation that covers majority of the release process. Speaking of, I have helped define and document the release process, so that we can collaborate with other teams and share responsibilities easier. I have also written a Vapor service to generate a changelog for the mobile releases and update Jira with the relevant details.

    Alongside the platform improvements, I have worked on new features which included the new investment product, updating price plans, and presenting customer’s statements. These works allowed me to earn in-depth knowledge of UIKit and building custom components. I have also led experimentation with SwiftUI and its integration into our production app.

  • iOS Engineer - Babylon Health

  • 2019 August - 2020 December

    I have been part of both product and platform teams. I have worked together with product, design, to define features and upcoming streams of work. I was working closely with the Android and backend engineers during development to make sure features align across all platforms. We have used ReactiveSwift, ReactiveFeedback, Bento (Babylon’s UI framework built on UIKit) frameworks for development, and for testing, Nimble, Gherkin, and snapshot testing. Also contributed to our documentation, with articles about our processes, features.

    Projects I have worked on:

    • Monitor Programs: I helped develop the next iteration of the Monitor dashboard, where users can set up composite care plans, to monitor their multiple conditions at once.
    • Medication Reminders: Delivered the redesigned medication reminders feature within Monitor. Users can set up reminders manually, or based on their GP’s prescription automatically.
    • COVID-19 Care Plan: Helped to deliver Babylon’s first features in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This set of features allowed users to monitor their symptoms and get help in case they got worse.
    • iOS platform: Since June 2020, I have been maintaining the iOS platform, including all our tooling, bots, and low-level features within the project. I have also worked on platform improvements to reduce our CI costs and build times, and to make development easier for the team.
    • Assisting releases: I have helped to release our iOS updates regularly, which involved fixing bugs in pre-release builds, verifying test cases, fixing crashes, and automating release steps.
  • iOS Developer - Self-Employed

  • 2016 - 2019

    I was working on iOS applications using Swift in my spare time. In September 2016, I have released my first app LaunchTime. I have also made apps for clients and learning purposes that are not public. I’m also keeping up to date with the latest Apple technologies and frameworks.

  • Campus Expert - GitHub Education

  • 2018 February - 2019 June

    Campus Expert with training from GitHub. Learn public speaking, technical writing, community leadership, and software development skills that will help you improve your campus.

  • Developer Evangelist - Pycom

  • 2018 June - November

    My job was designing, building, and showcasing cool and interesting IoT projects; adding content to Pycom documentation; organising, running or participating in hackathons and workshops; collaborating with the other Pycom teams to create great embedded and IoT networking content; collecting feedback on the product and contribute to product roadmap ideas.


  • BSc Computer Science - University of Surrey, United Kingdom
  • 2016 September - 2019 June

    Object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, mobile computing and computational mathematics, using languages and tools such as Java, C++, Android, SQL, Python, assembler, and specialist hardware such as Arduino microcontrollers.

  • Information Technology - Vocational Centre of Cegled, Hungary
  • 2012 September - 2016 June

    Secondary School degree (equivalent to A-levels) with Excellent (5) marks. Obtained IELTS certificate (8.0).


  • Swift and iOS

  • Python

  • Version Control (Git)

  • Unit Testing

  • MVC, MVVM architectures

  • CocoaPods

  • Apple Teacher

  • JavaScript

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Project management

Other Interests and Activities

  • Founder of HackSurrey at the University of Surrey

    • Vice President 2017-18, President 2018-19

    • Best New Society of the Year 2018 - University of Surrey Students’ Union

    • Organising hackathons at the University of Surrey

    • Trips to other hackathons

    • Running workshops teaching various skills for these events

  • Best Society Member of the Year 2018 - University of Surrey Students’ Union

  • Member of SurreyEARS at the University of Surrey

    • Space Officer 2017-18

    • Installing and setting up a ground station to track satellites in cooperation with Surrey Space Centre

    • Working on a Lightbridge controlled with Node-RED

    • Doing outreach events with the Lunar Rover that we build last year for a UKSEDS competition

    • Leading the Python course

    • Helping out with other projects

  • Technology

  • Books / reading

  • Design